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Safe Potable Bulk Water Delivery for Every Need

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Imagine safe potable bulk water delivery for every need. New landscaping and sodded lawns, trees, shrubs to cisterns, holding tanks to low or dry well rescue.

Lower utility bills, hydro and water use and best of all, no fuel surcharge.

For rural customers save your well and have peace of mind enjoying your earned and deserving lifestyle.

Rolling Bulk Water™ by Kawartha Lakes Water Supply is your answer for drinking water, landscaping, sod watering, water tank, dry well, livestock water to emergency needs.

Thirst in whatever form knows no end!…

Whatever your water requirement has, Rolling Bulk Water™ is on its way.

🚰 Same Day Service

💡 Fast, courteous Same Day Service applies to a 24-hour cycle with the exception of demands beyond our control such as drought, emergency or sudden service conditions. Inclement weather, water-saturated soft soils, rural road conditions and where weight restrictions apply.

💡 Same Day Service of bulk potable water delivery. Thousands of gallons or tens of thousands of litres, whichever measurement you prefer, of safe water available for any use. Rolling Bulk Water™ is fast, safe and economical.

Save on your utility bill and for rural customers, save your well. Go with Rolling Bulk Water™ only from Kawartha Lakes Water Supply.

Road Construction, gravel compaction or dust control, whatever it is, you need Rolling Bulk Water™. Fast and dependable service you can count on.

It’s not what you buy that’s important, it’s who you buy from that matters. There is only one Rolling Bulk Water™, your bulk water delivery superhero.

🏊 Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs

Summer fun splashing and frolicking in the pool to deserving relaxing evenings under the stars in the hot tub, fun water for your enjoyment delivered by Rolling Bulk Water™ from Kawartha Lakes Water Supply.

Fill a swimming pool literally within minutes, to days of the inconvenient garden hose seemingly never-ending, comparative trickle, spinning the water meter into out of this world costs while altering the household water pressure adding more inconvenience to everyone in the household.

Remember for a fill-up or a top up, a One Call One Stop Delivery, Rolling Bulk Water™ from Kawartha Lakes Water Supply is your answer.

🚰 Home and Residential Bulk Water

  • Residential
  • Swimming Pools
  • Hot Tubs
  • Cisterns
  • Water Tanks
  • Wells
  • Sod Watering
  • Lawns, Trees, Shrubs
  • Landscaping
  • Fish Ponds
  • Large Ponds
  • Reservoirs
  • Road Compaction
  • Dust Control

🚧 Commercial  & Industrial Water For All Needs

  • Road Flushing
  • Skating Rinks
  • Directional Drill Rigs
  • Geothermal Drill Rigs
  • Water Main Flushing
  • Agricultural
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Temporary Water Solutions
  • Emergency Services
  • Water Pump Sales and Service
  • Water Where It Matters

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